In loving memory of Maryah. We love you!

Maryah's Story

Maryah was an amazing daughter, sister, classmate and friend.  She was an extraordinary artist, caring listener and always fun to be around.  She always cared so much about how everyone around her felt and how she could help them.   

Maryah went with her friends to hang out on a Saturday night.  We had no idea, at the time, that there was a heavy influence of drugs surrounding the kids.  Maryah participated in taking what is believed to be Xanax. Shortly thereafter her little heart and body were unable to function and began to shut down.   We were completely unaware how easily accessible and common it has become for teens to take Xanax to begin with.  We were in absolute shock to learn that this lethal drug is readily available to our youth and thought of as something that gives you a  "sedated and calming" feeling. We lost Maryah the evening of Sunday, October 21, 2018.   We hope by sharing our painful story  we are able to shed light on an epidemic that is prevalent in our community, with our children and raise awareness.   We love you Maryah, rest easy sweet girl.