In loving memory of Maryah. We love you!

Maryah Crase

Dear Maryah

Your presence may no longer be with us, but your soul will forever roam this beautiful earth. Each and every one of your dearest friends and family does not go one day without thinking about your beautiful smile and outgoing personality. The thought of you no longer here with us physically, is nearly sickening to think about because I know how much you had to live for. You did not deserve to go the way you did but God only knows why you got taken away from us so soon. I pray nearly every day that you visit me and your closest friends and family and keep us safe and secure. You have no idea how much of an impact you have made on everybody you knew personally and if we all had the chance to tell you how much we love you or to tell you that you will be okay and to just push through the difficult times, we definitely would. The light and positive energy you radiate is unreal and I hope you know that I will forever cherish every moment, whether it be a fight or us laughing at each other, I will never forget one single moment we spent together. Live it up in Heaven for me, beautiful...I love you.

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